Mission Statement

The Erie County Chamber of Commerce is an association of business and professional people, who volunteer their time to develop and provide information and services; promote the economic growth of Erie County; and advocate sound business principles and philosophies.

Member Services

The Erie County Chamber of Commerce provides a myriad of valuable services to its members and to the general public.  And, in many cases, Chamber members receive most services as part of their annual membership fees, with no additional fees.  Listed below are the services currently available from the Chamber…

Member Directory

The Chamber is pleased to present its OFFICIAL BUYERS’ GUIDE for your use. We urge you to patronize the businesses, professionals, and organizations listed below. When you do, you will find that these members of our Chamber are ready to help meet your needs in every possible way, just as they help make Erie County one of the finest communities anywhere! The people who work in, manage, and own these establishments support the Erie County community in many ways. They give their time, talents, and money to build a strong and vibrant community of which we are all proud. Your continuing patronage will come back to satisfy you many times over.

Board of Directors, Officers, & Staff

The Erie County Chamber of Commerce is a 501(c) (6) non-profit business organization, governed by an 18-member Board of Directors.  Each Director may serve a maximum of two, three-year terms.  The Board is headed by the Chairman, who holds the office for a one-year term.  A Vice-Chairman is also appointed to a one-year term, and generally assumes the Chairmanship the following year.  The Treasurer may or may not be a member of the Board.  The Board employs a chief operating officer with the title of President, who in turn, employs as many staff members as necessary, within the confines of the Chamber’s operating budget.  The President and staff of the Chamber are paid, and are hired to serve both members and the general public.

Chamber Programs

Chamber programs provide opportunities to meet fellow members, and sometimes non-members; to learn about an issue that could affect your business; to share your experience and expertise with other businesses or some other segment of the community, such as with local students; to highlight successes; or to find out about what is going on in the community.  Some programs are designed solely for the relaxation and enjoyment of our members.

Email Newsletter

Every week, the Chamber staff e-mails a weekly update newsletter to keep members informed of the week’s happenings, and other important information.